StringsART is a comprehensive database designed to support both the playing and teaching of string instruments.

Developed by the Research & Development Division of the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana in partnership with CodeLounge, the center for software research & development of the Università della Svizzera Italiana, StringsART offers a wealth of resources for musicians and educators in the string community.


One of the key features of StringsART is its collection of journal articles, books, and non-book resources that cover a wide range of teaching traditions and scientific research areas. These materials have been carefully curated by leading experts in the field, making StringsART a valuable and innovative tool for those looking to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Furthermore, StringsART benefits from the contributions of some of the world’s most distinguished performers, teachers, and researchers. Their expertise and insights help to enrich the database and provide users with high-quality content. Additionally, StringsART is proudly endorsed and promoted by ESTA – Italy, the Italian branch of the European String Teachers Association, further solidifying its reputation as a trusted resource within the music community.

In conclusion, StringsART is a valuable asset for anyone involved in the world of string instruments, offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise to enhance the playing and teaching experience.