There is an International Conference held every year in a different European Country.

Upcoming ESTA conferences

ESTA branches who are interested in organising an International ESTA Conference in their country will find important information in the following documents:

Download the guidelines for organising a conference

The object of this paper is to help future organisers of the ESTA International Conference as they make their preparations.

(version March 2024)

Although some points are almost certainly legal or constitutional requirements, many of the suggestions are just that, suggestions.

Conferences, over many years, have succeeded because they reflected the spirit, both musically and socially, of the host country. It is not the intention of the Guidelines Committee to interfere
with that in any way.
There are matters that every conference should act upon. We would like to start with those.
Secondly there are matters which are recommended and ideas from recent conferences which
you might find useful.

Updated March 2024 by the Working Group Guidelines
(Clarien Zetsma, Jorge Alves, Mirjam Veeger, Päivyt Meller)

Download the guidelines for a conference website

Below is designed to simplify and unify the process of conference planning. 

 As the conference website presents a window for its users, it already creates a preview of the conference. The design of the website should be reflected in the design of the printed booklet. Instructions are in bold, recommendations are in italics and tips are in regular font. An upgrade with examples of good practice from past conferences is important. 


On the homepage the following tabs are essential: 

Home | Delegates | Venue | Gallery | Programme | Sponsors& Exhibitors | FAQ | Contact 

It is very practical to hire a conference programme package from one of several web conference providers for one year. Some of them also enable embedding of their service in your web design. 

Tips: with embedded code generate offer these tabs: 

Home | When | Where | Subscribe & Share (Sync to iCal, Outlook, Google) | Dates | Register Now |Download | Talks | Speakers | View-Grid | View-List |Legend | Sponsors and Exhibitors 

For easy scheduling or making a free survey e.g. for string consultations you can use some freeware. 

Tips: for making consultations (Meeting Planner Embedded) 

The logo of the Conference should combine the ESTA logo, year and place of conference 



The organiser of the conference should be presented with a short history with an emphasis on why the conference is organised as it is. 


The theme of the conference should highlight the historical background, vision, goals and priorities. 


The most common shortcuts are suggested. They can be hidden after completion. 

Tips: To ensure a quick search by using the “three-click” method, so the depth of tabs should not exceed three levels. 

  • Venue 
  • Financial support 
  • Accommodation 
  • Schedule 
  • Booking 


Call for Presentations 

Create a request for lecturers and ask for as much information about the lecturer as possible with uniform questions. Do not forget to include the following instructions: 

Please submit your proposal for a presentation from your ESTA branch. Any topics will be considered, though you might like to bear in mind the theme of the conference. 

You can submit a proposal by filling out the attached Call for Presenters 

The deadline for submission is 15. November 20XX and the programme committee will let you know if your proposal has been accepted by 15. December 20XX. 

Create a questionnaire for aggregating all the necessary data. 

Name, Name of ESTA branch to which you belong, Contact telephone (please include national code), Contact email address, Title of proposed presentation, Format of your presentation, Please indicate any dates when you are NOT available, What length time slot would you like? , Abstract, Biography, Photograph, Technical Requirements, 

Tips: Google survey can be embedded in a web conference design. 


Tuition fees are approximate, the organiser decides about the status, form and height. 

Conference Fees

EUR (€) Week Day
After 31.12.20xx Early bird before 31.12.20xx After 31.12.20xx Early bird before 31.12.20xx
non ESTA member ESTA member non ESTA member ESTA member  non ESTA member ESTA member  non ESTA member ESTA member 
Normal  360  300 220 200 90 80 60 55
Reduced* 150 130 120 100 90 80 60 55
Students 150 130 110 90 45 40 40 30

*For members from the following branches: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Volga Region, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tatarstan, Ukraine. 

Booking for Participants 

Create a questionnaire for aggregating all the necessary data. 

You can use this example of Booking for Participants: 

Dear Guest, 

The XXth ESTA International Conference for String Teachers will take place in XXX from the XX.-XX. April 20XX at the (place). 

The deadline: 

Please submit the attached application form. The final date for all subsequent applications is XX. XX. 20XX. Thereafter, web applications will no longer be possible. 

Registration fee: 

The exact amount of payment required will be shown at the end of the application form according to your entered details. 

You can log in only to the entire conference. For daily tickets please see XX. 

Please scroll down… 

The questionnaire can calculate the fee for each participant itself according to the entered data. But you need to collect this data from participants: 

Name and surname, Date of birth, Home address, Contact telephone (please include national code), Contact email address, ESTA member or Presenter on ESTA Conference, Please, select your legal status, Name of ESTA branch to which you belong or enter student status or membership in ESTA Central Board. 

Tips: Google survey can be embedded in a web conference design. Put the deadline for Booking i.e., Booking starts on 15. November 20XX. 

Visa advice 

Schengen Agreement 

With a Schengen visa, you may travel freely throughout the Schengen zone during the validity of your Schengen visa, for the indicated number of days. 

The following countries are members of the Schengen Agreement: 

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. 

Tips: general information about the Schengen system: 


Looking for financial support? 

The ESTA Solidarity Fund in Memoriam Elspeth Iliff 



Where and why. Keep in mind three key elements; accessibility, availability and suitability.
Put the built-in item from the google map with all the locations like embedded element.
Tips: City maps embedded in web i.e. google map

The town offers numerous possibilities for cheap accommodation from hotels to hostels.
Tips: Hyperlinks.

Travel Advice 

Travel advice can help make sure you have a trouble-free time while you’re abroad. Read it alongside a good guide book and other resources like social media, online message forums and blog. 

Tips: History, city and country, climate, transport links, currency, specialties. 


The gallery should offer the option of downloading images and time frames by day. 

After the conference, the website should be active with the Gallery tab for at least one year, until the next conference. 

Official photographer 

The Organiser should make a clear agreement with the Official photographer about the free download of images in a specific timeframe. 

Tips: Use of file transfer like 

Tabs by Days 

Sub tabs by Days are practical for a clear overview. 


All-important notices should be written first. For example, Available after 15. December 20XX 

Schedule ( 







Create a precise price list for sponsors in exhibitors and show them what kind of exhibition areas and advertising they will get for this amount. Create a questionnaire for aggregating all the necessary data. 

Name and surname, Name of the of company, Address of the company, Phone, e-mail, Type of business, Special presentation (Yes/No). Exhibitors, Abstract, Biography, Photograph & Logo, Technical Requirements, Web, Sponsorship (Golden, Silver, Bronze). 

Tips: Google survey can be embedded in a web conference design. 

Make a Call for Exhibitors: 

Dear Sir/Madam 

The XXX International String Teachers’ Conference will take place in XXX. 

The Organising Committee would like to highlight all exhibitors equally. All exhibitors can participate also as sponsors. To enable you to make better contact with the participants of the conference, there will be an exhibition space in XXX. In the middle of the hall, the Catering for 

frequent companionship of participants will be organised. Refreshments will be held during all breaks 15 minutes, and twice a day as Special Exhibitors Time: 45-60 minutes at 1 PM in the afternoon at 4.30 PM (30 minute) and minimum one hour before evening concerts. 

We are offering you a rental place. 

If you would like to participate as an exhibitor, please contact XXX and complete the questionnaire. All exhibitors can participate also as sponsors. Sponsors will be specially promoted on web, main catalogue and other promotional material. 

The deadline for applications is XXX. 



Principal Sponsor, like Thomastik-Infeld 

Gold Sponsors, like Pirastro, D’Addario… 

Silver Sponsor 

Bronze Sponsor 


Violin makers 



When should I arrive and depart? 

When can I register for the conference? 

When can I book in …? 

Can I book accommodation for less than the whole conference? 

Can I book accommodation for a friend/partner/spouse who is not attending the conference? 

Where else is there to stay in the City? 

Can I just go to the concerts? 

Can I pay my conference fee now and book my accommodation nearer the time? 

How far apart is the main venue and hotels? 

Is there parking at the main venue? 

Do I need to bring an instrument? 

Will there be Chamber Music playing? 

What else can I see during my stay in Town Centre? 

View a map of Town Centre 


ESTA-Office: Address, mail, telephone, website 

Editorial board Contact Person, mail, telephone, website 

Legal notice: Despite careful control, we assume no liability for the content of external links. We are not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from these pages. 

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