52nd ESTA International Conference, 2024

Porto, 23 – 27 MARCH 2024

Connecting People

Last March, ESTA Portugal hosted the 52nd International ESTA Conference, themed “Connecting People.” Over five days, it brought together teachers, students, luthiers, companies, and string instrument enthusiasts from across Europe. Organized by ESTA, this conference rotates annually among European cities, with the previous one held in Cardiff. This time, ESMAE in Porto was the venue.

The conference offered diverse activities including pedagogy conferences, musical performance, and a variety of workshops. In addition, The Collaborative Orchestra provided the participants with a space for collective performance. Mini-concerts by Portuguese students and performances by various groups were highlights. Networking was prominent during talks, exhibitions, and leisure activities such as a boat trip over Douro river and winery visit.

The event showcased a mix of classical, jazz, and folk genres, addressing also contemporary topics like instrument sonorization and musician’s well-being. Closing with a concert by Orquestra Geração and a Gala Dinner at Casa da Música, the conference left a lasting impression. Looking ahead, ESTA 2025 in Amersfoort, Netherlands, aims to “Enable the Inner Musician to Blossom”.